Team & Condition

Today’s post of our Team & Condition invites and wishes you all. Today through this post I will discuss the work and cooperation of our entire team of this website.

I will try to give some idea how I work and focus strictly on certain aspects so that no mistakes are made. Currently four authors are working full time on our Sothik news website.

The two staff members of this website are busy creating images and they never produce high quality images. They try to create images that look quality and contain information that gets some idea out of the image. As you can see, almost every one of our pictures has some information to give you a little idea.

And I’m one of the two remaining staff, we both spend our full time writing content or articles. We never steal any information from others, but we do a little research to verify the authenticity.

Then you can understand how well our team is working to provide you some good and useful information. And of course, you will never worry about our work, because we do not publish any user information on our website.

We don’t even approve any kind of comments that might offend our users, and we don’t post any personal information or biographies. Because in many cases we have to go more personal to write about life.

Condition of our team

Our team is in great shape because we always finish what we want to work on and then try to keep ourselves calm. We always try to publish about 10 quality content.

However, in some cases, we may publish one or two posts less due to lack of correct information or non-verification. Although we may or may not publish a post, we do not publish a post until we verify its authenticity.

We never want to annoy our users and mislead them with wrong information. We work hard to achieve this goal and share information that is useful to you. 

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