Privacy Policy

Thank you very much for visiting our Sothik news website regularly. I hope you can collect some good quality information from our website and use that information for your various needs.

But it goes without saying that you must follow certain rules that encourage us to do our job right. To use this website you have to follow some privacy policy so that no spam can increase on this website.

If you follow our privacy policy then no spam will grow on our website, thus our website will perform very well in google. So please follow the privacy policy before using our website, this will make our website work progress faster and we can also be motivated.

The privacy policies of Sothik news regarding various topics are mentioned below:

Our policy when posting

We constantly post new posts and before publishing posts, we consider this website and adopt some rules and procedures. Our posting policies are:

  • We never publish or intend to publish plagiarized posts on our website.
  • Always try to present the post well and accurately with the latest and most information.
  • We never post unnecessary sentences; only provide information about what you have searched for.
  • Endeavors to provide or present complete knowledge so that the user does not suffer from anxiety for any reason.
  • We do not disclose personal information on any of our posts.
  • If someone wants to give us a guest post, then of course we check that guest post thoroughly.
  • We never like writing articles using tools. We never condone anyone using the tools to post a guest post.

Privacy Policy for Commenting

Of course, if you want to comment on any of our posts, you have to follow some rules. Otherwise, we will never publish your posted comments on our website. Some commenting policy for Sothik news:

  • Never use spam related words or phrases in your comments.
  • In this case you can only conclude your comment with this sentence, this post was helpful.
  • We will read your comment first and if it contains any spam words, we will not publish it.
  • Comment with this in mind so that no user gets offended by your comment.
  • If the user feels offended after your comment, we will be forced to delete such comment immediately.

Privacy Policy for any advertising

In many cases it will be seen that you want to take any advertisement or backlink through our website. But of course even in this case you have to follow some privacy policy.

  • We never publish ads about casino or gambling.
  • We publish advertisements after thinking deeply about this poison so that the user does not have any problem.
  • Of course, if you want to get any kind of backlink from our website, then your post should be of good quality.
  • If you wish to advertise you must contact me via the “Contact” page. You can send sms on whatsapp to contact, in this case you will get quick reply
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